ChoiceMMed Fetal Doppler
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     TFT Display

     Data: FHR (fetal heart rate), in numeric and trace views;

     Others: volume indicator, battery power indicator and heart beat indicator;

Working Current:



     Display range: 45bpm~215bpm

     Measurement range: 50bpm~210bpm

     Resolution: 1bpm

     Accuracy: +/-2bpm


     Standard frequency: 3.0MHz; Optional : 2.0MHz

     Output beam intensity: Iob<10mW/cm2;

     Ultrasonic output intensity: Isata<5mW/cm2;

     Ultrasonic output power: 12.8mmW;

     Valid emission area of ultrasonic: 208mm2 +/-15%

Overall Sensitivity:

     50mm: 98.4dB

     75mm: 97.8dB

     100mm: 96.2dB

     200mm: 95.6dB

Doppler frequency: 332Hz

Target Velocity: 4.7cm/s

Operation mode:

     Continuous operation mode.

Environmental Requirements:

     Operation temperature: 5C~40C

     Operation humidity: 15%~93%, non-condensing

     Storage temperature: -25C~70C

     Storage humidity: ≤93%, non-condensing

     Power supply: Two SS alkaline batteries or rechargeable batteries (optional)

     Working time: work for 6 hours at least continuously

     Ambient atmosphere: 70kPa~106kPa