Edan SD1 Ultrasonic Fetal Doppler
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The all-in-one compact SD1 Handheld Fetal Doppler is a remarkable member of the Edan ultrasound doppler family. The conventional technology used by the SD1 is unaffected by common limitations found in other dopplers, such as angled probe placement and the depth of the fetal heart. In addition to clinical usage, the SD1 is also a user-friendly home-based device that allows users to apply the doppler anywhere. Users can quickly locate the fetal heart rate signal with this device, and the ultralow level of radiation ensures a safe application.

The SD1 is a modern all-in-one heartbeat doppler that uses a built-in speaker and a digital display for cable-free monitoring. For early trimester detection of FHR, this baby doppler uses pulse wave technology that improves the quality of the sound performance and minimizes interference, producing clear audio from the sounds of your little one. The doppler's auto shut-down feature extends the duration of working use hours from the standard removable batteries.

The heart doppler's mobile design provides users with excellent performance that is portable and suitable for travel. A Bluetooth model is also available for integration with the compatible Android and iOS APP. With the app, users can easily access growth tracking features for your baby and professional care information to assist new users or those using the monitor at home.


  • ALL-IN-ONE design
  • Built-in speaker
  • Digital display of FHR
  • Touch panel for easy control
  • Built-in Bluetooth (Optional)
  • Volume adjustable
  • Android or iOS APP access for tracking baby's development
  • 3MHz probe detects fetal heartbeat
  • Standard AA batteries for easy replacement
  • Automatic power-off for battery power saving
  • Pulse wave technology

SD1 with Bluetooth

The internal Bluetooth module makes SD1 possible to work with an Android or iOS APP to access tracking features for infant development.

SD1 without Bluetooth

The economic version, which can satisfy primary use for fetal heart rate tracing.

This product is not a diagnostic instrument. It is not an approved device for the treatment or prevention of medical conditions. All activity that is monitored and viewed with the device should not be considered a medical conclusion. The use of the machine provides audio and heart rate value that is for non-medical purposes only. For questions regarding medical conditions, please consult with a medical health professional.